Art Talk with Elevate Shanghai

On July 30th I was invited by Elevate Shanghai as featured artist to give a presentation about my trajectory as an artist, my roots and the process behind my work

Elevate it’s a media platform ran by a collective of foreigners and Chinese locals dedicated to the promotion, diffusion and support of the arts in the local community through cultural and artistic events. Every month they feature one or two artists to give a talk about their trajectory and current projects.

I had the chance to talk about how much influence had in me being born in a family of artists, both my mom and dad were accomplished commercial artists and that was in fact how they met and got together.

I also talked about my earliest influences, favorite artists and how I got into the work that I have been consistently producing for so many years until now.

My presentation concluded with what I think are the most important aspects of being a real artist. “Sustained Work – Intention / Purpose – Consistency” and of course the importance of having a humble and honest approach towards your work and your audience.

Due to the strong rain that afternoon and the characteristic Shanghai summer heat the audience was reduce but it helped to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere which allowed a great Q&A session and conversation at the end.

Human Diversity – Accessibility for All

Human Diversity

This is a drawing commissioned by my dear friend @arqanaceflores, a Venezuelan architect who’s main area of specialization is accessibility for disable people in urban areas and public spaces.
I love to take this kind of work because of the complexity and the challenge it represents, it takes me several hours negotiating with the composition, the technique and the limitations I impose on myself, without compromising the message and legibility.

Crouching Woman

The exercise consists on fitting the female figure in an specific shape with a meaningful posture and gesture using a single continuous line

Crouching Woman